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Block Printing on Fabric: Grab my Free Supply List

block printing tools laying on piece of printed fabric

Block printing on fabric is a terrific way to get your own artwork on to products. You can print your own curtains, tablecloths, bedding, T-shirts, tote bags and fabric that can be sewn into clothing.

Better yet, the supplies are readily available at art stores (brick and mortar, as well as online). They're inexpensive too.

I've put together a free list of all of the supplies you'll need! It's broken down into 2 sections: what you absolutely must buy, and other supplies that are optional.

My advice if you're just getting started is to start with rubber blocks. Linoleum blocks are readily available, but they are harder to carve.

And here's another pro tip: you MUST buy the right kind of ink! Block printing inks fall under 2 categories: the kind that are used on paper, and the kind that are designed for fabric. After all, fabrics need to be washed, and you don't want it washing out. I go into this in greater detail on the attached supply list. I also have links to the supplies you'll need.

Questions? Send me an email:

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